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How Scrap Metal Recycling Works.

Do you have leftover aluminum, old electronics, copper tubes, or brass that you need to recycle? Recently remodeled and have a bunch of leftover doorknobs? All your scrap metal can be recycled. Those aren’t the only materials we buy, check out our materials page to see the full list. Most of your recycled materials are worth cash to us, and we pay competitive prices in the Dallas area. Call us if you want to know what current prices are as they fluctuate daily. Our scrap metal yard is easy to get to in Garland, Texas. We look forward to seeing you. Call us for a quote at 972.476.1212.

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It costs less to make products using recycled materials.

Reduce the costs on waste disposal..

For example, it costs twice as much to produce fresh aluminum as compared to recycled aluminum, not to mention the energy cost. By recycling more, you help to ensure that less waste goes into the landfill. Consequently, reducing the costs on waste disposal.

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We strive to provide best market pricing and customer services.

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We are dedicated to our mission and strive to become the most recognizable recycler in the Dallas area

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What you can expect from Phoenix Recycling.

State Certified Scales:

We have the most accurate state certified scale system which connect directly to the computer to ensure the accuracy of the weight.

Instant Price Quotes:

Our price list is updated frequently to make sure we have a best price offered to our customers. Give us a call at ….or message us on Facebook, we will respond immediately.

Prompt and Efficient Service:

With a large yard and a computerized system, you can get in and out in minutes. Our scale operators will issue you a ticket which you can either cash out at the truck scale or at our cashier located inside the building

Technically Advanced Processing:

It will not be a hassle for you when coming to Phoenix Recycling. With the new technology that we have implemented recently, we will make sure that you spend the shortest time at our yard.

Convenient location in Garland, Texas with large yard & 2 big entries.


113 Range Drive Garland, TX 75040

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